Introducing the Oculos Opportunity Zone Fund

Opportunity Zone Fund Investing provides a revolutionary way for entrepreneurs to invest directly into Atlanta’s economically depressed areas.

What is a qualified Opportunity Zone Fund?

A qualified Opportunity Zone Fund is an investment fund that utilizes an investor’s capital gains from a prior investment to create a corporation or partnership that is used for investing into property that is in an Opportunity Zone.

What are Opportunity Zones?

Opportunity Zones are economically depressed areas that are identified by the Department of Treasury where they are giving preferential tax treatment to entrepreneurs who have money that they can now put into a new business venture.

Why invest in an Opportunity Zone Fund?

Along with increasing growth and development in economically depressed areas investing in an Opportunity Zone fund gives investors the option to defer tax obligations until 2026.

How does Opportunity Zone Fund investing work?

Opportunity Zone Funds are designed to attract investors who have received capital gains by selling assets and are now able to receive a tax benefit if they invest said funds into an Opportunity Zone. The Investors receive the following three incentives when they invest those capital gains into Opportunity Zone Funds:

1 Postpone

payments on your capital gains until the year 2026

2 Decrease

tax obligations up to 15% after the 7-year milestone.

3 No Tax

payments on capital gains received from the Opportunity Zone Fund.

The Oculos Opportunity Zone Fund

The Oculos Opportunity Zone Fund aims to spotlight investing in prime real estate in leading cities with longstanding growth potential. We are utilizing the economical approach we use in all our contribution and administer it to this appealing way to invest.

Atlanta’s Oculos Opportunity Zone Fund is a qualified fund that invests into eligible properties to ultimately boost economic growth.

Calculate your potential after-tax returns

Use our calculator to estimate how much money you could potentially save on a capital gain by investing through the Fundrise Opportunity Fund versus a standard stock portfolio.

Initial gain to invest
Expected annual return
Potential additional
returns over 10 years
Created with Highcharts 6.0.7After-tax value$103,451$117,647$143,492$114,342$134,163$195,662Hold for 5 yearsHold for 7 yearsHold for 10 years$0$50k$100k$150k$200k$250k
Potential additional
returns over 10 years
Traditional stock portfolio
Fundrise Opportunity Fund

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A fascinating modern tax-privileged investment

If you are planning to collect a portion of an existing capital gain or you will acquire a sizable capital gain in the near future, Opportunity Zone Funds are one of the most intriguing investment developments in the recent years.